January 29, 2017

For years, the only solution to misaligned teeth seemed to be finding an orthodontist or dentist near Fitchburg, WI and having him or her place traditional braces on your teeth. Today traditional braces may still be the recommended course of treatment for severe alignment issues. However, ask those who had to wear braces in the past, and you’ll likely hear two common messages: They would have preferred treatment that was a little more discreet, and they would have liked such treatment to have been completed faster.

Aligning Teeth Without the Need for Hardware

Advances in cosmetic dentistry can now accommodate those wishes. If you qualify, Invisalign® allows you to enjoy the same benefits as braces without the need for ceramic brackets and wire bands. Invisalign® aligners fit snugly over your teeth so as to not impede your speech. When it is time to eat, you simply remove your trays and replace them when you are done (after brushing and flossing, of course). You continue to meet with Dr. Cotey to receive new trays every 2 weeks until your treatment is complete. Ultimately, Invisalign® offers several benefits such as:
Aesthetics: Nearly impossible to tell you are wearing them.
Cost-effectiveness: Invisalign® treatments cost about the same as traditional braces.
Time: Your treatment takes no longer than it would with traditional treatments.

Expedited Treatment Options

Speaking of time, treatment options such as Six Month Smiles® allow you to expedite the treatment process. Six month braces are specifically designed to align your teeth in around 180 days. This treatment is ideal for correcting alignment issues that do not involve bite problems. Plus, like Invisalign®, six month braces use invisible brackets so that others can’t see your hardware.
If your tooth alignment issues allow you to consider treatments other than traditional braces, then you may want to give serious consideration to alternatives such as Invisalign® or Six Month Smiles®. Both can deliver the results you want, when you want them. Dr. Cotey and the rest of our staff here at Village Smile Care stand ready to offer you any cosmetic dentistry services you may need. To schedule a consultation appointment, just give us a call.



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