May 6, 2019

Every year, thousands of people consider orthodontic interventions and then decide not to pursue them, despite being clear candidates for the procedures. For many, cost is a consideration, but for even more patients, concerns are based in the lifestyle changes and aesthetic side-effects of traditional orthodontics. Those patients need to understand the advances made in the field over the past decade or two, including the development of aligner trays and Invisalign clear braces for patients concerned about the visibility of their orthodontic treatments.

Options for Adults and Teens

Most of the discussions around low-profile orthodontic options are aimed at adults who must worry about their professional presentation, but teens have many of the same concerns. More and more young people are getting involved in performing arts and workplace internships that place a premium on charismatic interaction, and those activities put the same demands on their appearance that adults face. Luckily, there are a few options.

  • Invisalign now includes a teen line, so minor to moderate alignment shifts can be accomplished via removable aligner trays no one can see
  • Clear braces give you a more traditional architecture and the ability to address larger-scale changes than aligner trays, utilizing a clear replacement for the metal wire and low-profile brackets.

Both these options are great for teens and adults alike who need to balance their orthodontic requirements and their day-to-day responsibilities. Which one is best? That depends entirely on the kind of adjustment that is needed for the individual patient.

Make an Appointment To Learn More

Are you ready to discover the ways advanced orthodontics can give you the smile you want without requiring big lifestyle changes in the meantime? Dr. Mike Maroon at Advanced Dental in Cromwell, CT can help.  Contact our office today and talk to the staff about scheduling your consultation. They will let you know what you’ll need for the appointment, and you can get the answers you need to make the right decision for your smile once and for all.



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