October 11, 2019

When you research dentists on the web, you may notice that many of them talk about cosmetic dentistry. However, this can be a confusing concept. To help you understand how dental providers like Dr. Kaz Zymantas in Naperville, IL mean by the term “cosmetic treatments”, we have amassed a quick guide to explain why a procedure like teeth whitening is different than teeth cleaning.

A Basic Definition of Cosmetic Dentistry

Perhaps the best way to clearly understand the idea of cosmetic dentistry is to realize that all cosmetic services are primarily offered to improve a patient’s smile. While they may also increase function and sometimes correct issues, they do not address underlying serious problems. Therefore, cosmetic dentistry is sometimes performed hand-in-hand with restorative and general dentistry practices.

For instance, a patient who wants to cover a chipped tooth with a tooth crown may need to first address untreated gum disease. Only after the gum disease is managed can the crown be placed. That way, the result is a more confident smile and a healthier mouth.

Examples of Cosmetic Services

Dr. Zymantas offers a range of cosmetic services each aimed at beautifying and enhancing your smile. A popular, non-invasive solution for stained enamel is professional-grade teeth whitening which produces a consistent, brilliant effect. Another commonly requested cosmetic treatment is the placement of super-thin, tooth-colored porcelain veneers on the smile-side of the front teeth. Composite fillings and porcelain crowns can also bring about cosmetic improvements to help patients achieve their desired appearance.

Are Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments Covered by Insurance?

All dental insurance providers set their own rules pertaining to service coverage. This means a procedure may or may not qualify. The best way to find out if your provider pays all or some of the cost of cosmetic dentistry treatments is to contact them directly. If they do not, be aware that many dentists like Dr. Zymantas offer affordable financing options to help you get the look you want.

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