May 16, 2017

If you are gearing up to sample your favorite reds for National Wine Day this May 25th, make sure you know how wine affects your teeth. Some foods and drinks can lead to yellow staining or other discoloration on your teeth. Of course, skipping your favorite glass of wine does not have to be your plan if you partner with Dr. Brian Altrock and Dr. Christine Fabb. Our office provides patients with teeth whitening in Pacific Beach, CA to help turn back the clock and remove the years of food and drink stains off of your teeth. Here are some other staining foods and drinks that your dentist may recommend you go easy on.

Coffee and Tea

Many of our patients do not realize that drinking tea is actually worse for someone who aims for a bright, white smile than coffee. While regular coffee can lead to stained teeth, tea has even more potential to add to your teeth’s discoloration because of the acids and tannins in this popular drink.

Food Coloring

Oral health care providers also recommend patients stay away from items with dark food dyes, such as red. Candies and treats that are dyed dark colors may lead to significant yellowing of the teeth over time.

Soda and Lemonade

Sipping soft drinks can also put you at risk for yellow teeth. Cola drinkers are more at risk because of the ingredient chromogen. Patients who drink lemonade or clear soft drinks are damaging their teeth because of citric acid.


Finally, berries, although very nutritious for your body, can be terrible for your smile. Cherries, grapes, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries all have tooth-staining chromogen. If you want to avoid staining your teeth, you may need to rinse your mouth thoroughly after eating this type of fruit.

Our staff can help you learn even more ways to keep tooth discoloration from impacting your smile. Contact us today to get your own custom plan for a beautiful and white smile.



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