December 8, 2017

Cone Beam 3-D Scanner - Advanced Dental TechnologyLike the rapid advancement of 3-D technology in movies, so too has dental technology come of age with three-dimensional imaging now available with use of unique X-ray equipment. Dr. Joann Perrotta and Dr. Ken SanGiacomo with Bethel Gentle Dental is a dentist’s office that has kept pace with advanced dentistry practices and new, cone beam 3-D technology in Bethel, CT. They use this and other technological advances to provide a new level of care to dental patients.

What is Cone Beam Imaging?

Dental cone beam computed tomography (CT) is a special type of x-ray equipment used when regular dental or facial x-rays are not sufficient. Your doctor may use this technology to produce three dimensional (3-D) images of your teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone in a single scan. Images captured with cone beam technology are converted into 3-D imaging, which gives your dentist a better, clearer, more detailed picture of your mouth and any oral health issues.

The ability to visualize all mouth structures in three dimensions is a huge step forward in dental technology. Three-dimensional views can be used by cutting-edge software for applications that range from implants and orthodontics to TMJ and diagnoses of oral health issues.

Benefits to Dental Patients

Patients will appreciate this technology, as it does away with the need for uncomfortable “bitewing” devices that hold X-ray film, which are placed in your mouth to facilitate X-rays of your teeth. New cone-beam technology takes better X-rays in less time and, more importantly, using less radiation. During the scan, the cone-beam unit takes a panoramic picture of your head, jaw and neck within seconds and creates an image with unmatched resolution and sharpness.

This detailed, accurate image is quite useful to your dentist in determining the best treatment methods and best sites for dental implants. It also allows a better understanding of the progression of gum disease and tooth decay, and is helpful in spotting and identifying other oral issues as well.

Dr. Perrotta and Dr. SanGiacomo are happy to discuss advanced dentistry practices and the use of cone beam 3-D technology in Bethel, CT with you. Give us a call at (203) 743-5600 or schedule a consultation online.



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