July 12, 2017

Summer is nearly over and department stores will start advertising back-to-school sales events before you know it. While you’re busy soaking up the last few weeks of summer and getting ready to take your kids school shopping, don’t forget to schedule your family dental appointments as well. Here are a few reasons why you should take your child to the dentist before school starts again.

1. Cavities

Summer is full of outdoor fun and relaxation, but it is also full of ice cream, snow cones and other tasty treats that can take a toll on the teeth. Even the seemingly harmless habit of chewing on ice in the heat of summer can damage teeth and cause dental pain. A summertime pediatric dentistry appointment can ensure that cavities and tooth fractures caused by sweets or any other reason can be treated before your child returns to school.

2. Scheduling Flexibility

You can usually rearrange your schedule pretty easily in the summer to make way for important things like appointments with your dentist. However, when school starts, your kids may be so busy with classes and after-school activities that scheduling a dental appointment may become much more difficult. To avoid interfering with homework or other responsibilities, it is best to take your kids to the dentist before school starts.

3. Pain Relief

Dental pain can be distracting, especially if it is severe. Taking your children to the dentist before school starts can help ensure that they are pain-free and ready to focus on their studies this upcoming school year.

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