August 16, 2017

You have probably heard a lot about mercury toxicity in connection with eating fish, but how much have you thought about it in terms of your dental procedures? For a long time, mercury was one of the main elements used for cosmetic dentistry procedures, especially dental amalgams or fillings. In fact, about half of fillings use mercury, making them the main source of mercury accumulation in the body for most people. This could lead to health problems, since mercury is a known toxin. That is why Dr. Price at All Good Family Dentistry offers metal free fillings for her patients.

The Downside of Mercury Amalgams 

Mercury fillings were once the best option for dental needs. However, these types of fillings have long-term consequences. Over time, the mercury begins to weaken, which could harm your tooth, gums and jaw. Even when at their strongest, the fillings have the potential to alter and damage the structure of your teeth because they do not have a similar configuration to your natural teeth.

Furthermore, as the fillings break down, they release mercury into your body. If your body is not able to adequately detoxify this toxic substance, it accumulates in the body. This can lead to health conditions, including problems with the brain, kidneys, nervous system and autoimmunity. It also might affect the health of children, including unborn babies. 

The Benefits of Metal Free  

The other option is to use a composite filling. It does not negatively impact the environment or your health like mercury does. As an added bonus, the material is more durable and typically costs less than amalgams. You also do not have to worry about sensitivity in your teeth, since they will not be as sensitive to cold temperatures. Plus, they are flexible similar to the tooth, which gives your tooth its normal strength and structure.

Learn More About Composite Fillings

If you have any mercury fillings or are in need of cosmetic dentistry services that include metal free fillings, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Price. We will discuss your options and find the right solution for your situation.



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