October 9, 2017

Why You Need to Schedule Your Dentist Appointment After Halloween

Halloween begins the annual holiday season, and there’s always plenty of free candy to stain your teeth yellow. Follow up with a trip to the dentist for a cosmetic dentistry treatment. Dr. Greg Moore wipes out that holiday gunk.

Why Halloween Candy is Bad for Your Mouth

The first ingredient in all candy is sugar. Candy tastes sweet, but too much of it can throw off the chemical balance inside your mouth. This is the harm candy can cause the following issues:

  • Bacteria accumulates plaque on your teeth
  • Bacteria feeds on the excessive Halloween candy sugars and rapidly multiplies
  • Acids form as the byproduct of bacterial growth
  • This acid dissolves the enamel of your teeth
  • Bacteria seeps into crevices below the gum lines
  • Infections form cavities and damage the soft tissues of your mouth

Brushing and flossing help, but holiday excitement distracts from normal routines. It’s easy to forget and allow that sugar to build in your mouth for a while. To make matters worse, some candy is chewy. The sugar from chewy candy sticks to your teeth and remains in place for much longer than it should.

Cleaning Your Teeth for a Healthier Smile

Are you traveling to visit family and friends throughout the rest of the season? Instead of smiling with yellow teeth for your holiday photos, see a dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning in early November and every six months for a consistent and brighter smile.

A professional cleaning removes those compacted deposits of sugary plaque to restore your natural look. Your teeth shine whiter and healthier just in time for the rest of the holidays. While you’re in the office, Dr. Moore also inspects your mouth for other signs of trouble.

If you have a severe case of tooth decay or gum disease, cosmetic dentistry may be necessary to restore your smile. Dr. Moore can help you with that as well.

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