December 29, 2015

Invisalign® invisible braces take a fresh approach to aligning your teeth with the use of custom-made aligners generated for you. Deciding to straighten your teeth with orthodontics in Auburndale, FL is a significant decision that will transform your appearance and complement your lifestyle. The aligners gently and gradually move your teeth into position based on the precise changes your dentist or orthodontist plans out for you. With Dr. Frederick Thurston and his team of experts at Thurston Comprehensive Dental Center, you’ll achieve a fabulous smile with minimal interruption in your daily life.

The Fast Track to Achieve a Beautiful Smile

There are many reasons people choose invisible braces. Adults might want to improve their smile for business and social purposes, or even for a special occasion such as their wedding. Perhaps you are a teen or the parent of a teen looking for a practical, modern-day alternative to metal braces. Either way, Invisalign® invisible braces provide a simplistic method for straightening teeth without putting your life on hold. Benefits include:

  • Easily removable aligners allow you to eat and floss and brush your teeth without restrictions.
  • Your bedtime routine continues as before, with the simple addition of cleaning your aligners.
  • You can continue wearing your aligners without worrying about sharp brackets cutting your mouth.

The best part of the entire process is that most people will not even notice you are wearing invisible braces.

Live Life the Way You Want

A practical advantage of Invisalign® invisible braces is the minimal impact they have on your lifestyle. You can wear them for the suggested 20 to 22 hours daily without considerable effort because the aligners are so comfortable.

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Choosing to straighten your teeth with Invisalign® invisible braces is an important decision. When you need orthodontics in Auburndale, FL, trust the professionals at Thurston Comprehensive Dental Center. Contact us today at 863-852-1227 to schedule a no-obligation consultation.



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