May 11, 2017

Here is a common scenario: you have a big event coming up, such as a high school reunion or a wedding you’re attend. You picked out a great outfit and have been working out so you can impress the crowd of friends or family you may not have seen in a while. You want to look your best, and everything is set for that, except one thing, your yellow teeth. Your next stop before the big gathering should be to see your dentist. Dr. John Cervenka can help patients in this situation with professional ZOOM! whitening in Orlando, FL. ZOOM! is quickly becoming a hotly-requested service. Here is why our patients love it so much.

Professional Whitening Results

Unlike some of the other types of drugstore whitening products, ZOOM! treats your teeth with a professional formula that gives you much better results. You can feel confident when showing off your brighter, whiter teeth.

Instant Transformation

ZOOM! is also a great service because it is much faster than other whitening procedures. Instead of wearing a series of whitening trays each night over time, ZOOM! brightens your teeth in a simple one-hour office visit.

Safe and Comfortable

Patients can also feel more at ease when choosing a professional whitening system such as ZOOM! while in their dental provider’s office. Professional products administered by a dentist are less likely to damage the tooth enamel.

More Even Coverage

Unlike whitening products you apply yourself, ZOOM! is much more thorough. Sometimes, when an at-home product is applied, the results can be uneven, with some teeth getting more product and whitening than others. When you choose to get your teeth whitening in Dr. Cervenka’s office, we can ensure you get full, even coverage for all of your teeth.

If you want to get a quick whitening treatment before a big event, or you simply want to improve the brightness of your teeth, give us a call or come visit our office. We can design a custom whitening visit to meet your needs.



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