October 12, 2017

Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a lifetime of great oral health; some of the patients we see at Allgood Family Dentistry need a special service called full mouth reconstruction in Midlothian, VA to fix a variety of problems that cannot be easily solved on their own. Patients that have suffered illness or injury may be faced with multiple and complex oral health concerns that must be addressed all together rather than one at a time. For instance, problems with nerves and blood vessels have the potential to affect the health of all parts of the mouth, not just an isolated area. All of the components found in the mouth – teeth, gums, oral tissue, blood vessels, nerves, jaw bones, and so forth – work together in a delicate balance. Dr. Price and Dr. Mayers work with patients who need a comprehensive approach to dental care by providing reconstruction services. A full mouth reconstruction might sound intimidating; it is actually a very special process that aims to restore the health, function, and appearance of a person’s mouth.

Many Approaches to Care

Restorative dentistry has many important tools that can be used during mouth reconstruction treatment. This can include treatments such as:

  • Bruxism treatments – therapies to correct and reduce teeth grinding and associated problems
  • Dental Implant In Full Mouth Reconstruction

  • Implant dentistry – restoring missing or broken teeth with attractive permanent implants
  • Cosmetic dentistry – using veneers, whitening treatments, gum contouring, and other treatments to improve appearance
  • Restorative dentistry – using crowns, dentures, or bridgework to fix broken or missing teeth and restore their function
  • Oral surgery – root canals, tissue grating, and other procedures that improve tissue health

Paying for Services

Insurance can help cover certain aspects of care but may still leave patients paying out of pocket initially and waiting for subsequent reimbursement. Some patients choose to take out a healthcare loan to cover the cost of treatments not fully addressed by insurance. We can also discuss payment options with patients and try to find solutions that suit your needs and circumstances.

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We want our patients to enjoy life to the fullest, without feeling held back by oral pain or poor dental health. Contact us online or call us today at (804) 729-8023 at our dental office near Richmond, VA to schedule an evaluation with Dr. Price or Dr. Mayers.



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