January 4, 2019

Did you know that most patients looking for a cosmetic dentist in Fargo, ND, have at least considered multiple cosmetic procedures, even if they are only currently planning on one? It’s always good to think about all your options, you might conclude that your best results would come from multiple cosmetic treatments. Patients who are considering multiple treatments now have an option that makes them more accessible, too. A smile makeover is a new process that combines multiple treatments to create the smile a patient desires in a single visit.

What Goes Into a Smile Makeover?

The reason this procedure is so effective is that it combines existing therapies according to a customized plan that suits each patient. Not every patient needs every treatment that can be combined into one procedure, in fact, most do not. If you have been considering multiple cosmetic treatments, this is the most efficient way to get the smile you want without duplicating any efforts. As you work with Dr. Wehrman, any of the following treatments might be included in your makeover plan:

Crowns for damaged teeth
Dental implants for missing teeth
Orthodontics for permanent realignment
Gum treatments for gummy smiles

Boost Your Confidence

There’s no reason why you should have to space out your esthetic improvements unless your health requires it. When you get a smile makeover from your cosmetic dentist in Fargo, ND, you have the opportunity to move to the smile you want with a single treatment plan. Depending on your needs, you could be done in a single afternoon. At the very least, you will be on your way with a plan for ongoing treatment that will take you to your goals.

It all starts with a consultation. Call our office during regular business hours to make your appointment. Our helpful staff is ready to answer your questions about your first visit when you call, too.



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