September 13, 2016

Along with aging, partaking in tooth-staining foods, drinks and activities can enhance the yellowing process of the tooth. This is not only a sign of age, but can also indicate poor dental health. Whiter teeth help to make individuals look healthy, and even successful and younger. While many individuals turn to drugstore teeth whitening options for the immediate cost discount, there are strong benefits to choosing a professional teeth whitening service from a dentist.

Full Coverage

Though drugstore whitening products offer a cheaper option upfront, you get what you pay for. If your teeth are not completely straight, there is a chance that you will not receive the full whitening value of the product. For instance, whitening strips must lay flat on the tooth in order to take effect. If an individual has any crooked teeth, then the tooth and those around it may not be fully covered by the strip, which can leave untouched spots behind. During a professional whitening a dentist addresses each tooth individually.

Customized Care

Dentists fully understand the tooth and its properties, which makes them experts on how to properly treat them on different levels, including whitening methods. They understand that various methods, such as bleach trays and laser treatment, may be most effective, and they have the skills and means to administer those treatment options.

Fastest Results

With over the counter options the time frame for measurable results can range from weeks to months. However, in-office teeth whitening services are complete within one visit. Therefore, it proves to be the fastest teeth whitening method available. Along with producing fast results, with the proper care whitening results usually last from six to twenty-four months. When considering these aspects, a professional whitening service actually provides the greatest value for the money spent.

As you can see, there are considerable benefits to having a dentist perform a professional teeth whitening. If you desire quality teeth whitening in Pittsburgh, PA, Dr. Steven R. Crandall is an excellent choice. He and the rest of the knowledgeable, helpful team would love to assist you with your oral health goals. For more information, contact the office today.





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