January 22, 2017

We all want to have white, radiant teeth like those we see in magazines or on the silver screen. Most know, however, that the actors and models seen in such media often pay well to have their teeth appear in such a shiny state. While a strong dental hygiene regimen will help you avoid dental problems, teeth whitening is often the only way to guarantee that your teeth remain pearly white. The trouble is that you may lack access to the financial resources enjoyed by the aforementioned groups of individuals. Manufacturers of over-the-counter teeth whitening products claim that they offer such benefits at a fraction of the cost of seeing a cosmetic dentist. Yet are such claims true?

The Shortcomings of Over-the-Counter Solutions

While toothpastes advertised as being able to whiten teeth typically deliver results that are indistinguishable from regular brands, whitening kits and trays are often able to bleach your smile to some extent. However, their effectiveness pales in comparison to the results delivered by professional teeth whitening treatments for two reasons: They require frequent repeated use to maintain their results, and the concentrations of their bleaching agents is much less than those used in cosmetic dentistry.

Advantages Offered by Professional Treatments

Professional tooth whitening treatments, on the other, offer a wide array of advantages over over-the-counter products. These include:

  • More advanced treatment methodologies
  • Faster and longer-lasting results
  • Bleaching agents that offer a greater degree of whiteness
  • Less chance of experiencing tooth sensitivity of gum irritation

Proponents of over-the-counter solutions say that the decreased cost of such products makes them a better choice than professional treatments. However, given that such products must be repurchased frequently in order to maintain the results they deliver, you could argue that the cost evens out over time.

You cannot put a price on a beautiful, healthy looking smile. Professional teeth whitening procedures can deliver such a result in a manner that is both immediately effective and sustainable. Dr. Cieplak has helped countless patients achieve such results already; we invite you to be next. Call us today to schedule a consultation appointment.



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