February 6, 2019

Cosmetic dentistry is an ever-expanding field, with more and more options being made available to patients every year. Despite the growing diversity of procedures, though, a few options remain popular year after year. That’s because they are both affordable and easy to care for, so many patients opt for them over more complex procedures like a full smile makeover. For many, it’s all they need to get the aesthetics they want. Porcelain veneers are one of these perennially popular choices, and for very good reason.

woman smiling with porcelain veneers

Benefits of Veneers

Patients choose veneers over other options for all these reasons:

  • Immediate results
  • Accessible cost
  • Long lifespan when properly cared for
  • Correct minor alignment issues and whiten your smile in one procedure
  • Easily replaced when veneers show wear
  • Does not alter your original smile but does provide the aesthetic you want

Since veneers are temporary, they are a great stepping stone to more permanent cosmetic changes like whitening or orthodontic alterations. Whether you are looking at your veneers as the only option you need or a first step on a longer aesthetic journey, we’re here to help you get the smile you want.

Why Improve Your Smile’s Aesthetics?

Your appearance is about more than just your satisfaction. It’s also a major factor in your personal and professional charisma. If you’re looking to put your best foot forward in any new venture, you need to have every advantage you can get. That’s why treatments like porcelain veneers that provide same-day results are so powerful for patients.

Ready to Get the Smile You Always Wanted?

If so, contact us today to make an appointment for a consultation. Learn more about your options, ask questions, and find out what veneers will do for you. Our staff can also make you an appointment for a regular cleaning and veneer placement if you’ve already decided. Just let us know what you need from a dentist in La Plata, MD.



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