July 27, 2016

Many people want brighter, whiter teeth. One way to accomplish this is through teeth whitening treatments. There are gels and strips that can be purchased at a lot of pharmacies or you can ask your dentist about getting an in-office whitening treatment. The one thing to bear in mind is that these treatments will create a certain amount of sensitivity, so you need to prepare for that.

Why Does Sensitivity Occur?

Everyone experiences the procedure differently, but generally, a certain amount of sensitivity can be expected. The reason is that the bleaching agents diffuse into your teeth in order to whiten them more effectively. However, this also increases the amount of pressure your tooth pulp feels. This results in it being more overly sensitive to certain stimuli.

How to Reduce the Effects

There are a few things you can do in order to limit the amount of sensitivity you feel. For starters, if you choose to use over-the-counter gels, then you need to make sure you follow the directions exactly. Leaving whitening gel on your teeth for longer than directed can result in more harm than good. You can also change your diet for a few days following the whitening to ensure there are no acidic substances that could lead to discomfort.

Another way to lessen sensitivity is to brush your teeth before whitening. Some people are tempted to brush afterwards, and this may only lead to more problems. You may end up damaging the enamel, so give your teeth a chance to rest following the treatment.

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If you really want brighter teeth, then you should schedule a teeth whitening in Kennewick, WA at the office of Dr. Andrew Mohlman. Professional whitening will ensure you are not over exposed to the bleaching agents, and you will get a smile you will want to show off as often as possible. Call us if this sounds like a treatment you want.



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