September 1, 2018

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Oral Surgeon, Dr. Paul Anderson

If you need to undergo some type of surgical procedure in the mouth, it is likely that your general dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon. If you have questions about why your general dentist can’t perform these procedures and why you should see an oral surgeon in Peachtree City, GA like Dr. Paul Anderson, we want to answer them for you.

Oral surgery is a dental specialty. Known as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, oral surgeons spend an extra four to six years after dental school and training to specialize in oral surgery. Most of this training is done in a surgical environment, and most surgeons choose to focus strictly on surgical procedures in the mouth rather than general dentistry.

What Oral Surgeons Do

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon works with the head, jaw and all the bones of the face along with the tendons, muscles and other soft tissue. Some common treatments that oral surgeons perform include:

Most oral surgeries are done with the patient under some type of anesthesia, which helps to calm the typical dental anxiety and fear that many feel when undergoing dental procedures. When you are choosing an oral surgeon, it is vital that you choose one who stays up to date on the latest in dental technology and the tools that help provide a better, safer patient experience.

Contact Our Oral Surgeon

If you have a dental emergency, want to reconstruct your smile or have some other question, we are happy to schedule an appointment for you with a highly qualified surgeon today. Call Peachtree Oral and Facial Surgery at (678) 369-4081 to meet with Peachtree City, GA oral surgeon Dr. Anderson as soon as possible.



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