October 12, 2017

Toothbrush Care To Maintain Oral Health - Saratoga Springs, NY - DentistIf you’ve never thought about caring for your toothbrush, you’re far from alone. After all, many people buy a toothbrush, keep it in the bathroom three or four months until the bristles wear down and purchase a new one. However, toothbrush care is an important part of oral health in Saratoga Springs, NY, and the American Dental Association recommends the following.

  1. Store toothbrushes upright in the open air and let them air dry. If you keep them in closed containers or cover them, it could facilitate microorganism growth.
  2. Separate toothbrushes stored in the same area to stave off contamination. In other words, be careful that the toothbrushes are not in danger of touching one another.
  3. Be the only person using your toothbrush, especially if you have immune system issues. Sharing can lead to an increased risk of infections from the spread of microorganisms or bodily fluids.
  4. Remove debris and toothpaste after brushing by rinsing your toothbrush with tap water.

When to Get a New Toothbrush

A key guideline is to replace your toothbrush every three or four months. Not only does this cut down on bacterial and microorganism accumulation, it ensures that your brushing stays effective. When bristles are bent, they do not work as well.

Children tend to need their brushes replaced more often, but the frequency varies from person to person. If you have a compromised immune system, you may get more peace of mind from replacing more often than every three months. It can also help your immune system to soak your toothbrush in antibacterial mouth rinse after you use it. Similarly, you can decrease bacteria growth on your toothbrush by rinsing your mouth with antibacterial mouth rinse prior to brushing.

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