October 9, 2017

What if we told you that straightening your teeth could give you the opportunity to transform your life and prevent health problems? It sounds kind of far-fetched, but for many people it is true. For example, you may be too anxious to smile for pictures, much less in front of other people, lest you expose teeth you believe are unattractive. So, your teeth are affecting your emotional health in ways that restricting your desire to socialize and do things. A visit to the dentist can begin to change all that.

Mental and emotional benefits

The mental and emotional benefits aren’t the same for everyone, of course, but in general you can expect to see the following:

  • More confidence smiling
  • Enhanced mood from smiling freely
  • Overall improvements in happiness and self-esteem.

Moreover, your options go past orthodontic braces in Chesapeake, VA. For instance, if you prefer not to have plastic or metal braces that you deem embarrassing or unsightly, you can explore options that our office provides such as ClearCorrect.

Health benefits

The benefits of tooth straightening for your physical health are enormous too. On the extreme end of the spectrum, the bacteria that forms in areas of crowded teeth could eventually lead to you having diabetes, pneumonia or heart disease from oral infections. Other benefits include:

  • Healthier gums that may be more resistant to periodontal disease
  • Teeth that are easier to floss and not as prone to plaque build-up
  • Prevention of problems such as tooth loss, sores and bleeding gums
  • Reduced headaches and neck/jaw pain due to relieved stress on tooth structures and gums

Dr. Parvin’s office offers customized options for crooked teeth. To see what is possible in your situation, get in touch with us today.



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