November 28, 2015

Your smile is the focal point of your face, and one of the most important factors in how you feel about yourself. When you have missing, crooked or damaged teeth, it’s difficult to have the confidence necessary to live the life you want. Fortunately, you have options. Here at Dr. Cranham’s office, we offer a full mouth reconstruction to those who are determined to enjoy the highest quality of life that comes from a great smile.

Basic Oral Health Care

Basic oral health care includes brushing, flossing and seeing a dentist in Chesapeake, VA on a regular basis for an in-depth cleaning and exam. Unfortunately, even those who follow strict guidelines for caring for their teeth may have additional factors that make it difficult to keep a smile bright, white and healthy.

Once problems have set in a mouth, there are many complications that can arise. Some experience mild discomfort and toothaches, while others deal with more serious infections and germs that are linked to heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. In recent years, research makes it obvious that good oral health is a large part of having a healthy body.

Once teeth are lost, regardless of the why, the jaw bone may shift and affect your entire facial structure. Fortunately, there are treatments available that can restore your smile and improve your health and confidence.

Unique Smiles

A full mouth reconstruction is a complete overhaul treatment designed to improve oral health and revitalize your smile. Because each patient has unique problems, we come up with unique solutions and treatments that match what you want out of your procedure.

We offer several options to refresh your smile and improve your oral health, and we’ll help you choose which treatment is right for your mouth, your budget and your lifestyle.

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