January 9, 2018

Fastbraces are a corrective dental technology that significantly reduces time to straighten and realign crooked, gapped, or otherwise misaligned teeth. Using Fastbraces can cut time to complete correction and a new smile down to as little as one hundred and twenty days, with options for realigning everything from overbites to underbites, crossbites, and open bites.

Are You A Candidate for Fastbraces?

You don’t need to ask a dentist to know that you want straighter, more attractive teeth. If you frequently find yourself avoiding opening your mouth to hide your teeth from others, you may need Fastbraces to get your mouth back on track and recover from:

  • Extensive gapping or drift between two or more teeth
  • Crowding and overlapping of teeth
  • Tilted, angled, or crooked teeth
  • Any misalignment between the upper and lower teeth

Poorly aligned teeth can hurt more than your confidence. They can cause problems with chewing, oral health, and even injury if you frequently find yourself biting your lips and inner cheeks. If your teeth fit together improperly or have drifted out of their place, Fastbraces may be the solution to quickly restore your smile.

What’s the Fastbraces Advantage?

Using Fastbraces means a completely new approach to teeth realignment. Rather than tipping and torqueing teeth over time, this unique technology is capable of adjusting teeth into the proper position at the root on the first appointment, using only one square wire. This dramatically simplifies the process, and cuts down on the time needed to move teeth into the proper position versus traditional braces and other realignment procedures.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you’re uncertain whether or not rapid corrective braces would be the right solution for you, speak with a qualified dentist today to consult on the best options to create an attractive smile. Dr. Weigand possesses extensive experience in advanced cosmetic dentistry for the entire family, and would be happy to speak with you regarding a corrective dental plan that’s right for you, your partner, or your children. Contact us in Spokane, WA to learn more today!



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