October 9, 2017

If you’ve noticed that your teeth could use some whitening, you have in-office and take-home options. Depending on your needs, one choice could be far preferable to the other, so here’s a look at both.


With in-office whitening, you get dentistry-grade work. That means in as little as an hour, your teeth could become significantly whiter, and you’ll feel more comfortable smiling and more confident in general. These whitening products are tailored to your needs, safe and have highly concentrated ingredients. There’s no guessing about whether they will work.

However, depending on your situation, it is possible you will need more than one hour of teeth whitening and perhaps more than one visit.


Many people would rather try whitening at home first. That’s why offices such as ours also provide at-home teeth whitening to maintain your white smile. Through the KOR Whitening System, you go home with a whitening tray that’s tailored to your teeth and that doesn’t make them sensitive. You sleep with it in your mouth for even more whitening time.

And, of course, there are take-home products you can buy in stores. Some people achieve great results with them, but their disadvantages include the possibility of increased gum and tooth sensitivity and inconvenience. Will you remember to wear them twice a day for 10 days or two weeks, for example? They’re also not as highly concentrated, so depending on your desires, may not deliver the results you want to see. For example, soda stains and coffee stains tend to require in-office whitening to see any results. In addition, you might have undiagnosed cavities, and at-home kits can make them hurt.

The bottom line is that in-office whitening is quicker, more effective and gives the dentist a chance to diagnose any problems before whitening begins. Dr. Pace provides top-notch cosmetic dentistry in Nashville, TN. For teeth whitening and other procedures, get in touch with our office today.



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