November 1, 2017

When it comes to your smile, are you perfectly satisfied? If you are like millions of Americans, there is probably something about your grin that you would like to change. Among the cosmetic improvements that patients might choose for their smile, teeth whitening is likely to be one of the first. Teeth whitening has come a long way and today is one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dentistry around. Here at Woodbury Dental Arts Dr. Kamel work closely with patients to identify the right whitening solution for each concern. For the best results, we offer the Sapphire Whitening system. In many ways this is the superior option for people seeking a simple way to get brilliantly white teeth.

A Closer Look at the Science of Whitening

Tooth discoloration can be caused by a variety of factors, including:

  • Illness or injury
  • Drinking cola, coffee, tea, or red wine
  • Smoking or using other tobacco products
  • Genetics
  • Age

Because tooth discoloration is so common there are a variety of ways to approach it. Tooth whitening pastes can be bought over the counter at drug stores or department stores. These are prepared at home and applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Whitening occurs gradually over the course of several applications. Whitening strips work in a similar way. A preparation of hydrogen peroxide and other ingredients coats the strips which the patient can then place on their teeth. People like being able to conduct whitening treatments in the privacy of their own home but are sometimes dissatisfied with the results. This is because the preparation strength of these over the counter products is simply not as strong as what can be obtained from a dentist.

We use the Sapphire Teeth Whitening system which makes use of a much stronger hydrogen peroxide solution and a powerful lamp that emits specific wavelengths of light to activate the solution. The results are whiter, brighter teeth with less hassle.

Are you a candidate for the Sapphire Whitening system? Learn more today by contacting our office.



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