February 14, 2017

If you ever find yourself unable to open your mouth, experience dizziness, have problems chewing or have hearing problems, there’s a chance you might have a temporomandibular joint disorder, also known as a TMJ disorder. Here at True Bite Oral Surgery and Implant Center, Dr. Herrera and the rest of us want to inform you of the causes as well as the risk factors associated with this disorder to help you become a better-informed patient.

Causes of TMJ Disorders

Examples of reasons you might have a TMJ disorder include:

  • Joint damage caused by a blow or another type of impact
  • Erosion or movement of the shock-absorbing disc in your jaw
  • Damaged joint cartilage caused by arthritis

If you have experienced any of the above, or think you may have experienced them, it’s best that you schedule a consultation with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to see if the disorder can be helped by cortisone shots, relaxation and muscle stretching techniques or a bite plate. There’s also a chance you might need to undergo jaw joint replacement surgery to have an artificial implant put in your mouth to replace your jaw joint and treat your jaw pain.

Risk Factors for TMJ Disorders

Besides causes of TMJ disorders, there are also specific factors that increase your risk of experiencing a TMJ disorder. Such factors include:

  • Diseases associated with the jaw’s connective tissues
  • Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other types of arthritis
  • Injuries to the jaw
  • Constant clenching or grinding of the teeth

If any of the above sound familiar to you, you might want to consider seeing an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to get a head start on treatment for TMJ in Freedom, CA.

You don’t have to live with the pain and discomfort associated with TMJ disorders. Come see Dr. Herrera and the rest of us at the True Bite Oral Surgery and Implant Center for proper treatment and professional care.



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