February 11, 2016

February 14 is right around the corner, and what better time—and way—to show yourself some love than to give yourself that straight-tooth smile that you have been dreaming about? Plus, with a host of highly effective and convenient devices on the market today, there is even more reason to do so. At Clock Tower Dental Associates, we specialize in corrective dental treatments for adult patients wanting to fix misalignments or crooked teeth in their mouths. Our treatments are thoroughly vetted, top rate, and surprisingly affordable. The best part about them, however? A more confident and radiant you.


Something for Everyone

Because each and every one of our patients is unique, we offer several types of adult orthodontia to suit both an individual’s corrective needs and their lifestyle. By far one of our most popular devices is Invisalign®, which is essentially a clear set of braces that offers an aesthetically appealing alternative to metal braces. Another popular device, or procedure, we offer is Snap-On Smile®, which is a thin-stripped, but strong resin dental appliance that is placed over the teeth to mask flaws. Both these products have proven to be highly effective in straightening teeth for our patients.


You Will Love It Here

Regardless of which type of orthodontic device you are tracking, the first step in the process is to give our office a call at 516-308-9969 to schedule an initial consultation with one of our doctors. At that first appointment, he will give you a thorough examination and suggest a treatment plan that is right for you. Our staff will also discuss the costs and duration of treatment and can even come up with a manageable payment plan for you. Regardless, what better time than Valentine’s Day for some self-improvement? When it comes to braces in Franklin Square, NY, that will make you feel better about yourself, we are here for you. You will love our services and, more importantly, the new you.




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