June 26, 2016

At Creekwood Dental Arts, Dr. Donna Miller and Dr. Michelle Hinds offer patients professional teeth whitening.  A bright, white smile can help you feel more confident and look great. Whether you have an upcoming wedding, job interview or family photo shoot, you will want to smile with confidence. While toothpastes, bleach strips and other drugstore methods can lighten your teeth slightly, professional teeth whitening offers noticeable benefits in a fraction of the time. Consider these four advantages of having professional cosmetic dentistry whitening.

  • Quicker Results

Toothpastes that are designed to brighten your teeth actually contain no bleaching agents. Instead, they rely on abrasives to scrub the surface of the tooth. This exfoliation can slowly remove some surface staining, but is not strong enough for tough discolorations resulting from smoking or drinking coffee or tea. Similarly, over-the-counter bleach strips and gels are composed of a weak peroxide solution that is much gentler than professional gels. Stronger gels and light activators, obtained only from your dentist, have higher concentrations and stain-fighting power, producing obvious results much faster.

  • Brighter Teeth

If you are looking for a smile that dazzles, professional whitening is the clear choice. Tooth color is determined by matching your current hue to a shade on the white shade scale. At-home methods have the capability of changing your tooth color up to one full shade. Professional approaches, however, can deliver approximately three shades of color change in a fraction of the time.

  • Softer on Your Gums

Bleach trays found in at-home kits are designed to fit the average consumer and may allow peroxide solution to come into contact with your gum tissue. This often results in sensitivity, which can be both painful and annoying. With custom applications, your gum tissues are protected, resulting in less side effects.

Whether you have tried over-the-counter methods without much success, or just want faster results, consider professional teeth whitening in Waco, TX. Contact our office today for a whitening appointment at Creekwood Dental Arts and leave with a brighter smile.



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