January 28, 2016

Today, braces are not the only option for straightening teeth. Since 2000, patients have been pleased with the results of a new, more discreet system known as Invisalign® that allows them to have many of the same benefits as traditional braces without some of the drawbacks. While each system certainly has its place, this newcomer clearly has some advantages that make it more attractive than braces. Consider the following examples:

Removable Trays

Traditional braces are made with metal brackets that are glued to the teeth and joined together with wires and rubber bands. Because they are metal, they tend to stand out. For younger kids and teens, this may not be too much of an issue. For older teens and adults who wish to straighten their teeth with as little attention as possible, it can be a nightmare. Invisalign® addresses this issue by using clear trays to move the teeth instead. The trays are custom fit to each patient, and are switched out every few weeks to incrementally move the teeth to their desired positions. Since they are clear, no one even needs to know patients are using a teeth-straightening system.

Easy Care

One of the clear benefits of the Invisalign® system’s trays is that they are completely removable. Instead of having to use water picks and other special tools to clean their teeth, patients simply eat, brush and floss and then place the appliance back in their mouths. Trays are also easy to clean, and only require a small amount of brushing and soaking. 

No Wires

Since there are no brackets, the system also lacks wires. With traditional braces, wires can come loose and cause damage to the soft tissue of the mouth. Any general dentist in Oceanside, CA can explain just how painful that can be.

To learn more about this tooth-straightening system, contact our office at 866-907-9461. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Henninger, a general dentist in Oceanside, CA, to learn whether the treatment may be right for your situation.



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