July 18, 2017

Brushing and flossing your teeth are two things you should do several times a day but they do not always get rid of the stains that can be caused by the things you eat and drink, as well as habits like smoking. However, you can brighten your teeth and improve stained enamel by visiting Dr. Douglas G. Genninger, a cosmetic dentist who provides teeth whitening in Tampa, FL

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

Dentists rely on tooth-whitening formulas made from hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide (which eventually breaks down to become hydrogen peroxide) to cause a chemical reaction that is able to get deep down into the enamel and remove set-in stains in ways that are more effective than home whitening kits.

Hydrogen peroxide has a penetrating effect and starts a process called oxidation. It is this effect that breaks up the stains that have tarnished your teeth.

Why Is Professional Whitening More Effective?

There are numerous ways to whiten your teeth at home. They include:

  • Toothpastes
  • Whitening strips
  • Whitening trays
  • Specially formulated chewing gum

However, none of those products offer the kinds of dramatic effects that some people get after visiting someone who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. The whitening products dentists use are very fast acting, so you will usually see results immediately instead of weeks later. Also, the chemicals in home whitening products are not as potent and the ingredients are in much lower concentrations.

Schedule Your Whitening Appointment Soon

Maybe there is a special event on your calendar and you want to look your best or perhaps you are just tired of being embarrassed by the color of your teeth and want a more dazzling smile. Make an appointment with Dr. Genninger today to evaluate teeth-whitening procedures. That is an easy and effective way to give your teeth a makeover that earns compliments.



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