April 20, 2016

Have you ever looked a celebrity flashing a beautiful, bright smile that radiates from the TV screen and thought to yourself “What is he or she doing that I am not?” Your dental hygiene regimen may be the exact same, so why is it that your smile is not quite as brilliant? The odds are that he or she has not discovered some radical new way to brush or floss, but rather that he or she has dental veneers, which for years seemed to only be available to the rich and famous. Now, that same cosmetic dental technology can give you a smile that is red carpet-worthy.

Your cosmetic dentist in Midtown, NY can now make getting porcelain veneers easier than you ever thought possible. Many have turned to this restorative treatment in the past to help cover up chipped or damaged teeth. Today, the technology has expanded to allow patients to customize their dental bridges to their liking. Veneers allow you to cover up stained teeth, correct uneven teeth, and even fill in gaps between your teeth. Once in place, they are resistant to staining and incredibly durable, lasting as long as 10-15 years.

Detailing the Veneer Placement Process

Just how are porcelain veneers placed? The entire process is relatively simple:

  • You begin with a “smile analysis,” during which time you discuss with your provider how you would like the end-product to appear.
  • Your custom veneers are created in a laboratory to your exact specifications.
  • During the procedure, a small layer of your existing tooth enamel (>1 mm) is removed to accommodate the veneer.
  • A light-sensitive resin is placed between your tooth and the veneer, and then hardened in place using a curing light.

Your aftercare process is typically brief, usually only requiring a single return appointment to ensure the veneers are still in the correct position. Going forward, you simply care for them as you would your regular teeth.

You have suffered from smile envy long enough. The technology is available to finally allow you to enjoy the brilliant grin you have always dreamed of; it is time you took advantage of it. Dr. Curatola and the rest of our staff here at Rejuvenation Dentistry are ready to make this happen for you. To schedule a consultation, call us at 844 REJUV-ME today.



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