March 8, 2018

Many people delay removing their wisdom teeth until a problem actually develops. However, people should remove these teeth well in advance when they are still in their teens or early 20s. Dr. Patrick Peters offers wisdom tooth removal in Frankfort, KY, and if you still have yours, then you should schedule an appointment to remove them as soon as possible before significant problems develop.


Wisdom teeth often do not come in fully. They become impacted, which makes them difficult to clean. This impaction not only damages the neighboring teeth but it also opens the door to possible infections. Without prompt treatment, impactions lead to bigger problems, which will require more extensive surgeries to correct.

Shifting of Teeth

To accommodate wisdom teeth, some people’s teeth will shift out of their normal positions to make room. A person who used to have straight teeth that created a solid bite will now require orthodontic treatment to correct the malocclusions. This is a common reason why people need orthodontics as adults.

Chronic Inflammation

When bacteria develop in and around the gum tissue, it leads to inflammation. This is a direct contributor to a person’s risk of having diabetes, vascular disease and heart disease. Additionally, this is extremely dangerous for pregnant women because inflammations that enter the bloodstream can affect the developing fetus.

Jaw Damage

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to cysts, and if this cyst forms around the jawbone, it can lead to serious complications. When a cyst forms around the jawbone, it will most likely require surgery to remove. In addition to removing the cyst itself, the dental professional may also need to remove a portion of the jawbone, too.

Prompt Treatment

Dr. Peters assesses the need for wisdom tooth removal in patients as young as 14 and 15 to determine when the best time would be for the procedure. Our dentist wants to make sure everyone has access to good oral healthcare, so contact us right away.



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