March 9, 2018

As an adult, you understand the need for routine dental care. That might not necessarily translate to you enjoying such treatment, yet your understanding makes it that much easier to endure. Yet while you may be able to overcome your dental anxiety, the same may not be said about your children. You and your dentist in Gettysburg, PA can talk all you want about how much having a healthy smile will benefit your kids when they become adults, yet that may do little to help diminish the fear they feel in the here-and-now. So what are you to do?

Do Not Let Your Kids Down

Some in your position may allow the stress that comes with pediatric dentistry to prompt them to avoid it altogether. Unfortunately, doing so can set your kids up to fail both now and later in the life. While you may be spared the concern of having to deal with another screaming kid at the dentist’s office, that stress may revisit you later in life when your children need extensive dental care to deal with issues that were previously unaddressed.

Understand the Long-Term Benefits

Consider instead the benefits that come with emphasizing as strong dental care regimen early in your kids’ lives:

  • You maintain more control over your own dental expenses by preventing issues rather than reacting to them
  • You instill in your children an appreciation of how working towards a goal (in this case, preventing cavities) can pay off down the road
  • You give your kids a head start to maintaining optimal oral and overall health

Your kids look to you to make the important decisions that, while they may not realize it, will benefit them in the future. Thus, whatever stress, embarrassment or inconvenience you may experience as a result of their dental care should not keep you from seeking it. We here at Gettysburg Dental Associates understand that this may not be easy, which is why you can always count on Dr. Seidel and the rest of our staff to help you in your efforts. If your kids’ dental care is overdue, contact us to schedule an appointment today.



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