June 8, 2018

Young Athlete With Dental MouthguardNational Little League Week happens each year during the second week in June, which makes it an ideal time to have a talk about facial trauma and how it affects oral health. Facial trauma is common in many sports, but baseball is unique for the velocity and materials involved in the risks. In simpler words, fastballs can really do some damage! That’s why the rules require mouth guards, which are a great help. To get the most out of a mouth guard’s protection, though, it’s best to use professionally designed dental mouthguards in Waco, TX.

Why Use a Mouth Guard Designed by Your Dentist?

When Dr. Miller or Dr. Hinds builds a mouthguard for a patient, the same technology that is used to image your mouth for dental crowns, bridge work, oral exams, and other dental procedures comes to bear on the protection of your young athlete’s smile. That means you get a durable dental mouthguard made of the most advanced materials available, designed specifically for your child’s mouth. It will maximize protection, minimizing the chances of needing more extensive intervention if there’s an accident.

Safety First During National Little League Week!

Baseball has been an American pastime for more than a century and a half now and passing the tradition on to another generation is important. Just as important is passing on the sport’s tradition of honor and fair play, and that starts with learning to play safe. Just as more advanced technology has improved the bat and batting helmet, it’s time to rely on it for the best possible oral protection.

To set up a consultation for a dental mouthguard in Waco, TX, contact our office today. Regular patients will be able to learn about whether their kids are candidates quickly, and new patients can schedule a general consultation to ask about it. Contact the office of Creekwood Dental Arts to schedule an appointment with dentists Dr. Miller or Dr. Hinds. Call (254) 870-9026 today!



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