December 21, 2016

A crown is a sort of cap that is used to restore size, appearance and shape over an existing tooth. Crowns may be used to restore worn-down or broken teeth, support certain teeth with large fillings, make misshapen or discolored teeth look better or strengthen a weakened tooth after a root canal.

Previously, before the CEREC machine was introduced, crowns were placed in two different appointments. The first was used to file the tooth down and to place a temporary crown while the permanent crown was being created. The patient would then return to the office several weeks later to have the permanent crown placed, after wearing the temporary crown for that time.

The CEREC Machine

The CEREC machine is new to dental technology, and allows dentists to create a more natural looking tooth restoration and restore damaged teeth. CEREC can be used to create onlays, inlays and crowns in just one visit.

At your appointment, Dr. Walden uses the new technology and special camera to take a digital picture of your tooth, eliminating the need for an impression for a permanent crown. Dr. Walden then uses the 3D computerized model created by the picture to create a tooth that is perfect for you. The design is finalized and then sent to the CEREC machine and the diamond burs are used to mill the restoration out of ceramic. The restoration is created the same day and is bonded to your existing tooth in the same visit, eliminating the need for more than one visit to the dentist for a crown.

CEREC offers the following benefits:

  • Increased comfort
  • Stronger restorations that last longer
  • Improved appearance with restorations that closely match your natural teeth
  • Less time spent at the dentist’s office as crowns are created and placed in the same day

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