November 6, 2017

For millions of people with missing teeth, it is now easier than ever to get that gorgeous smile back. Instead of living with a gap-toothed smile or multiple empty spots in your mouth that could be prone to infection, a better idea is to consider getting dental implants. Dr. Shahram Moghaddam specializes in helping patients with missing teeth in Weymouth, MA. Patients have been pleased with their new look after getting a set of implants. Not only do implants give your smile a great new makeover, but they also are virtually indistinguishable from your own regular natural teeth.

A Natural Look

A tooth implant is the most natural looking replacement solution for missing teeth. Today’s implants are perfectly matched to fit the size of your mouth and the shade of your existing teeth. This way, you can feel confident when smiling for pictures and laughing at everyone’s jokes.

Structurally Similar to a Real Tooth

Implants are not just about looking great; they are also a good option if you want something that is structurally similar to your natural tooth. When the replacement tooth is implanted into your mouth, you can stop worrying about bone loss in your jaw and harmful bacteria building up around that gap in your mouth.

A Comfortable Fit

Some patients worry about the fit during dental restoration. An implant gives you the ability to chew, talk and bite down normally without pressure or pain. Because each tooth implant is individually designed and fit to the dimensions of your mouth, you will not have to worry about discomfort.

Permanent Solution

Implants are typically a permanent solution and can last many years as long as patients commit to proper oral hygiene and care. In some cases, you may even forget that you even have a dental implant because it feels and looks so real.

If you are curious about implants or want to find out if you are a candidate for this type of procedure, contact us today. Dr. Moghaddam and his team look forward to helping you smile again.



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