October 25, 2016

If your dental care provider has recommended orthodontic treatment for your mouth, you should understand that you have options beyond the traditional metal braces. More people than ever are choosing to straighten their teeth with Invisalign® instead of the old-fashioned dental appliances. Dr. Ashlyn Price can help you get all of the facts about this type of treatment to see if you are a candidate. Here are some of the benefits Invisalign® offers over metal braces.

The Look

The biggest reason why so many people choose Invisalign® is because of the look. They are clear and not as noticeable as unsightly metal braces. With metal braces cemented to your teeth, you may also experience pieces of food getting stuck in between the parts. Invisalign® can simply be removed if you have stuck food, and you can get back to smiling without embarrassment.

The Feel

Patients also love how Invisalign® feels in their mouth in comparison to metal braces. The metal pieces that poke and prod your gums, tongue and cheeks can be hard to get used to. Your teeth may also ache after each visit where your braces get adjusted. The smoothness of Invisalign® allows for your teeth to be straightened with much less of the discomfort, and instead of regular tightening of your braces, your dentist will simply give you a new tray to continue your treatment.

The Control

Invisalign® also gives patients more control in their treatment. When they have an important event to attend at night, they can take a night off from their orthodontic treatment. There are few food restrictions with Invisalign® treatment. Additionally, many patients have found Invisalign® to be a much faster way of straightening their teeth.

If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign® treatment, call Allgood Family Dentistry today. We can give you a consultation and evaluate your teeth to see if you qualify for this type of treatment.



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