May 16, 2017

Technology has taken many different industries to greater achievements and advances. Advanced technology in dentistry has also helped the patient experience improve and has made patient outcomes even better than years ago. Here at our practice, Dr. Claire Cho strongly believes in the power of dental technology. When you need dental implants or some other dental procedure completed, you can feel confident that we will use the best tools in the industry to get you the results you want. Here are some reasons how technology can help patients in the dental chair.

More Durable Materials

Technology has made the process of material manufacturing for the dental industry much better. Patients benefit from stronger, better materials for dental crowns, implants and other tooth restoration procedures. These materials last longer and have better durability for daily life.

Increased Comfort

A visit to the dentist is increasingly becoming less painful and stressful because of the power of technology. Some surgical procedures are swapping the scalpel out with highly precise lasers. Laser surgery helps reduce the number of recovery days and discomfort.

Better Results

Dr. Cho and her team use high-tech Cone Beam x-ray technology during some procedures. The Cone Beam technology allows your dental provider to get a clear 3D image of your teeth for procedures that used to require implants. This means you can get better results with a more customized fit.

Natural Look

Finally, technology has also made it possible for many tooth restoration products to resemble natural teeth so closely that most people do not even spot veneers or dental implants. Having healthy, natural-looking implants or crowns can greatly increase confidence.

For more information about the specific technology we use during our procedures, contact our office in Aliso Viejo, CA conveniently located near Mission Viejo, CA today. We can help you find the right service that could upgrade the look of your smile, whether you need implants, gum disease treatment or more.



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