August 24, 2016

Every adult’s teeth will dull and discolor over time. This comes from decay, permanent coloring from food and drinks, and just normal wear and tear. Fortunately, there are options to whiten your teeth. Teeth whitening in our office provides you with a whiter, brighter smile that you can feel comfortable with.

Many of our patients struggle with the choice between professional teeth whitening from a cosmetic dentist in McAllen, TX and a drugstore package.

Options for In-Office Treatment

When you choose teeth whitening at Dr. Alvarado’s office, the process can be done in several ways. Dr. Alvarado will meet with you to determine which treatment is right for you, and which is likely to be most effective at whitening your teeth. Some options we have in our office include:

  • Trays that are custom made to fit your teeth exactly, and we provide a stronger bleaching solution than you can find in a drugstore because the dentist oversees the procedure.
  • Heat or light source is used in-office to speed up the whitening process.
  • Trays custom made to fit your teeth in office, and a bleaching solution to apply at home.

Typically, while at-home drugstore treatments may seem less expensive up front, they are less effective and take longer to show real results. A professional teeth whitening is likely to work faster, and the dentist can oversee the process to ensure that the gums don’t get irritated or damaged during the bleaching.

Whiteners purchased from a drugstore may be too effective, meaning that only the enamel of your teeth is whitened. This may make your natural teeth appear whiter than any composite fillings or crowns. With a professional to oversee the whitening process, you get a more natural looking smile, rather than discolored teeth.

Give Us a Call

At Dr. Alvarado’s office, we take pride in how we can change and improve your smile with teeth whitening. Contact us today at 956-688-9003 to learn more.



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