December 16, 2016

When you think of a makeover, you probably think of spring clothes shopping and summer hairstyle changes. Winter doesn’t typically trigger the desire to get a fresh new look, mainly because you spend most of the cold months hidden behind hats, coats and scarves. However, your smile is something that will always be seen, regardless of the weather, and wintertime is the perfect time to brighten it up with a simple teeth whitening makeover.

What to Expect

Walk into any drug store, and you’ll probably notice a variety of teeth whitening products lining the shelves. While these products do have some effect, they are not as strong as professional teeth whitening products and do not allow you to select your preferred shade of whiteness. Receiving teeth-whitening services from an experienced dental professional offers the following benefits:

  • Predictability
  • Fast, high-quality results
  • Ability to select and receive your preferred shade
  • Decreased treatment discomfort

There is no quicker way to receive stunning teeth-whitening results than with a professional in-office teeth whitening treatment.

How to Tell if Teeth Whitening Is Right for You

Not all people are good candidates for professional teeth whitening, including those who have extremely sensitive gums, a receding gum line, or stubborn brown or gray stains. However, teeth whitening typically works very well for those who have yellowish stains on their teeth or who simply want to have a brighter, more noticeable smile.

Make Over Your Smile This Winter

There is no better time to get a smile makeover than this winter. A beautiful smile looks warm and inviting even in the harshest weather. While you’re bundled up beneath winter clothing, your smile will always be visible, so why not make it as bright and inviting as possible? Give Complete Health Dentistry a call when you’re ready to meet with Dr. James Lesinski for your winter smile makeover.



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