June 22, 2018

Many people cannot get their wisdom teeth removed until they are 17 or 18 because that is when the tooth has fully formed and ready for extraction. It is highly recommended to remove these teeth before they erupt, and an excellent time to do it is during summer vacation when the patient is still a teenager. Parents should not delay this procedure because serious complications can arise if the teeth emerge.

Damage to Jaw

When forming in the jawbone, the wisdom tooth exists inside a sac. When it becomes impacted, this sac fills up with fluid, resulting in a cyst. Over time, this cyst can develop an infection, and eventually, it will weaken the jaw and damage neighboring teeth. It can also result in a non-cancerous tumor. In extreme circumstances, part of the jaw will need to be removed along with the cyst.

Increased Risk of Gum Disease

Bacteria is highly likely to accumulate around the wisdom teeth and gum tissue in the back of the mouth because it is more difficult to brush and floss around that area. Problems cleaning also means it is more likely these teeth will develop cavities. The rate at which gum disease is prevalent in young adults who retained these teeth is much higher compared to young adults who had these teeth removed.

Shifting of Existing Teeth

To accommodate extra teeth, it is highly likely a person’s existing teeth will move out of their normal positions. This will result in an abnormal bite. All the work accomplished by orthodontics will be completely undone, and even if patients get the teeth removed at this point, there is a good possibility they will require extra orthodontics to improve the bite.

Summer Is Often the Best Time to Remove Wisdom Teeth 

It may take a few days for your teenager to recover from the procedure, and that is why you should schedule this procedure with Dr. Stephen Strout during the summer months. Schedule a visit with our periodontist, so your child can learn more about the procedure beforehand to feel more comfortable with the extraction.



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