January 9, 2019

If you delayed fixing misalignments in your teeth in 2018, then you need to be more proactive in 2019. Schaumburg Dental Studio offers orthodontics in Roselle, IL to help people of all ages get the smile of their dreams. We have numerous treatments available, including Invisalign, traditional braces and six-month braces.

clear orthodontic tray


This treatment consists of invisible aligners that go perfectly over your teeth. The aligners slowly push the teeth into more comfortable positions over the course of the treatment. Since the aligners are made out of clear, smooth plastic, they are a discreet option. They are also fully removable, so your diet is not limited in the slightest. The aligners are effective at treating mild malocclusions, including overbites, under bites and overcrowding.

Traditional Braces

In many cases, traditional metal braces are still the best option. These braces are great for correcting more extreme misalignments. This treatment has evolved immensely over the years to be more comfortable, and now, there are ceramic bracket alternatives. These are often more comfortable and will not leave behind as many abrasions. For best results, wearers need to practice excellent due diligence at home.


Instead of committing years to fixing your teeth, you may be able to get away with only have braces for about six months. Fastbraces® can straighten teeth in as few as 120 days. These braces can be used to fix an entire arch of teeth, and you will enjoy fewer appointments throughout the duration of the treatment. There is also less pain and discomfort associated with these braces compared to other options.

Straighten Your Smile With Our Help

Head into 2019 with a straighter smile with the aid of Dr. Jignesh Patel. Call our office to schedule a consultation. A member of our team will review all these orthodontic options with you, and together, you will decide which one to pursue.



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