November 1, 2017

Dental Crowns are an important piece of dental technology that helps restore the appearance and function of broken teeth. A crown can be placed on a tooth to correct damage or to improve patient satisfaction with their smile. Dr. Smile help patients every day achieve their personal care goals. Although crowns are a tried-and-true part of restorative and cosmetic dentistry, the time required for the creation of a new crown can be troublesome; this is especially true for people who need a replacement crown in short order. Dental emergencies can happen, and we can accommodate your care with the help of CEREC crowns in El Segundo, CA. These crowns are crafted in just one day so patients can return home with a secure, appealing new tooth. The CEREC system is great for patients seeking cosmetic solutions as well as those in need of emergency care.

What Makes CEREC Different?

The creation of a traditional crown requires several distinct steps, including taking careful measurements of a patient’s mouth and sending a set of impressions off to a lab. This process can certainly result in an appealing crown crafted from high quality dental porcelain, but labs can take several weeks to send a crown back. This is simply too long for some people to wait, especially if a crown has broken suddenly or if a patient has experienced an accident that broke a tooth.

CEREC crowns are crafted on-site, so there are no additional steps or prolonged wait times associated with them. The whole process involves just a few stages:

  • First the patient is evaluated and detailed digital scans are taken of the patient’s mouth
  • This information is sent to the CEREC fabrication device which begins sculpting the crown
  • The crown is made from durable dental resin, a tooth-colored material used in many dental procedures
  • The finished crown is placed in the patient’s mouth and fixed in place with the help of dental adhesives

Curious if the CEREC system is the right choice for you? Contact our office today and schedule an appointment.



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