March 7, 2018

When your tooth has been treated with a root canal, it’s possible for that procedure to last a lifetime. Sometimes, though, even with proper care, that’s just not possible. Complications develop over time, and other aspects of your health impact the life of your root canal. When a tooth that has been treated with a root canal becomes painful and exhibits other symptoms like tenderness or speech complications, then a retreatment becomes necessary to address the issue and remove the symptoms.

How Retreatment Works

There are several steps to addressing an old root canal and fixing any complications that have developed.

  1. Remove the original sealant and filling material. Root canals fill the tooth after addressing the infection at its root, and that material must be excavated before the dentist can see any problems that have developed.
  2. The tooth is then inspected for cracks, cavities, infection, and other sources of symptoms. After they are identified, they can be treated with the same processes used in a standard root canal.
  3. New fill material and a temporary restoration fitting are put in place to protect the tooth.
  4. A permanent restoration piece is put in place. This is usually a crown, but every patient’s situation is unique and the dentists at Brewer Family Dentistry will make a recommendation based on your unique case.

Seeking Retreatment Promptly

If your old root canal develops complications, seeking retreatment promptly means having the opportunity to prevent more drastic symptoms down the line while restoring your comfort and oral function. Don’t try to get by with a painful mouth. It can affect your sleeping patterns and ability to function, your eating habits, and even your cardiovascular health if a new infection or hidden cavity goes untreated.

If you are experiencing any symptoms that make you think you are a candidate for retreatment, contact Brewer Family Dentistry in Modesto, CA right away to make an appointment for a consultation. The sooner you act, the sooner you can get relief for your symptoms.



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