December 29, 2015

In today’s times, there is a lot of emphasis on being healthy. Research and science have finally conducted enough studies to accurately determine that each area of our bodies work together to create an overall healthy or unhealthy persona. For instance, proper oral hygiene may positively affect your heart and lungs. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also benefit your appearance and improve your self-confidence. If you would like to have a beautiful smile with straight, healthy teeth, you may want to consider a smile makeover. As an experienced general dentist in Tampa, FL, Dr. Douglas G. Genninger has performed many smile makeovers throughout the years and can provide you with all the risks and benefits.

The Many Advantages of a Smile Makeover

A smile makeover can provide you with overall health benefits as well as an improved aesthetic appearance. Not only will straight teeth with a perfectly aligned jaw be much easier to maintain, but they also carry less risk of developing an infection. Here are just a few of the benefits to receiving a smile makeover:

  • There is less risk of worn down teeth, or overloaded teeth.
  • There is less risk of decay or infection.
  • Your teeth will look and feel much better.
  • You will have a bright, beautiful smile with white teeth.
  • Self-confidence will increase.

The Risks of a Smile Makeover

Although there is not a dental procedure that is positively known to be risk-free, most turn out just fine. A smile makeover has no known general risks or complications to be aware of, but because each patient has individual circumstances, it’s best to consult with the doctor beforehand. Dr. Genninger will ensure each patient understands any potential complications prior to the procedure.

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