November 7, 2017

People lose teeth from trauma, gum disease and tooth decay. Losing even a single tooth can make everyday functions, such as chewing, all the more difficult. It is for this reason patients should look into dental implants to restore functionality, especially before all the holiday meals come around.

Easier Time Chewing

One missing tooth can be enough to make chewing basic foods exceptionally harder. Vegetables, nuts and similar foods are tough to break apart and chew. However, a person missing a tooth, particularly a molar, will have a harder time with them. This often results in the person eating more processed foods, which are typically softer and easier to chew, but they are not as good for you as vegetables.

Many holiday staples are impossible to enjoy with a missing tooth. Hot liquids, such as hot cocoa or cider, can cause a lot of discomfort when there is direct contact between the liquid and exposed gum tissue. Taffy and hard candies are similarly difficult to chew.

Better Smile for Pictures

Even if the missing tooth came from the back of the mouth, it can still affect the smile’s aesthetic. When one tooth is lost, the remaining structures move to compensate for the additional space. Everyone’s teeth want to move, but they remain largely in place because they bump up against one another. When there is freshly added space to the mouth, malocclusions can form. This is a big reason why adults require orthodontics later on in life. Dental implants prevent this and grant you peace of mind the next time you take family photos during Thanksgiving weekend.

The Only Place You Need to Call

If you are ready to see what implants can do for you, then schedule an appointment at the office of Dr. J. Darrell Steele who is located in Coppell, TX. Although implants may not be perfect for everybody, our oral surgeon will examine your mouth and recommend the ideal course of action!



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