January 4, 2019

At Gettysburg Dental Associates, we want to make sure every patient gets the restoration that will aid them best through life. For many people in the area, dentures are an excellent solution. This restoration is still an effective and popular option for people who have lost all or most of their teeth. Dr. Eric Seidel will have a consultation with you to review the details of the restoration to determine if they are a good fit for your specific situation.

Free You From Most Dietary Restrictions

When you are missing most of your teeth, you will not be able to enjoy all your favorite foods. In particular, nutritious foods you need, such as fruits and vegetables, will be extremely difficult to chew. With dentures, you will be able to eat all your favorite solid foods once again. You can enjoy your meals again with the peace of mind you are getting more essential vitamins and minerals.

Improve Your Appearance and Speech

Many people are embarrassed when they lose even one tooth. You should feel free to smile to your heart’s content. That is made much simpler when you have replacement teeth to enhance your aesthetic. Additionally, restorations make it easier to talk to loved ones. When you speak, your tongue pushes against your teeth to make the right sound. Dentures will make you far less self-conscious when you need to talk to others.

Restore Your Confidence

Everyone deserves to lead a full, fulfilling life. When you cannot eat or smile without worrying about your smile, quality of life deteriorates. When you restore your smile, you will vastly improve your mental health for years to come.

Start Enjoying the Benefits Today

We are focused on helping people of all ages. Certain restorations will not be right for everyone. Call us today to schedule a consultation with our dentist in Gettysburg, PA to see which course of action will benefit you most.



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