September 10, 2018

Young Athlete With Dental MouthguardThe back to school season brings the beginning of the year’s sports activities and a bunch of other new events, so it can be overwhelming. That’s exactly why it’s the right time of year to talk about injury prevention, though. September 1-7 is National Childhood Injury Prevention Week this year, and that means it is time to check up on your family’s safety practices to make sure you and your kids can have all the adventures you want without risking life, limb, or your healthy smile.

Oral Injuries in Childhood

Oral injuries are common in kids because they are participate in a lot of activities that can involve facial trauma—with balls, with other sports equipment, or even collisions with other kids. That’s why you need to make sure they have the right safety gear. You prevent limb injuries with pads and guards, so take care of your family’s teeth the same way. Protective mouthguards built by and endodontist with pediatric endodontics experience have a better success rate, better fit, and longer life than over the counter alternatives.

Emergency Care

Of course, even with the best possible prevention and avid use of safety equipment, kids can still just wind up being injured. When that happens, you need to work with a pediatric professional who understands how to care for oral trauma and how to advise you during the recovery process. With prompt treatment, oral trauma just becomes another story about growing pains, and your family can count on everyone’s healthy smile being preserved for years to come.

Make an Appointment Today

If you have little ones getting active in sports and other physical activities this fall, make an appointment to discuss custom mouthguards and other safety equipment. Our endodontists, Drs. Justin Kolnick, Kara Diamond, Keith Hope, or Spencer Svetcov can advise your family about the best steps to take for prevention and treatment, and you can even get set up with a fitting to get the process started. Call or make an appointment online at Advanced Endodontics of Westchester today.



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