August 1, 2018

The second week in August is National Smile Week, and now’s the time to show off your pearly whites and your confident smile. First impressions last and your smile is a big part of what people will remember about you. Why not take this opportunity to undergo a professional teeth whitening procedure with Dr. Assing of Brandon Complete Dental Care in Brandon, FL?

Professional Strength

Sure, you have the option to buy over the counter products including rinses, strip and toothpastes. While these work over time to whiten your teeth, they don’t have the professional strength chemicals that a prosthodontist can offer in office. Over the counter whitening products usually have a peroxide percentage around three percent while in office whitening products come closer to 35 percent peroxide strength. This allows for a faster, more efficient treatment process, which means you leave with a noticeably whiter smile after just one treatment.

An Even, Thorough Treatment

Patients have unique needs and teeth come in all shapes and sizes, but over the counter products must be made to fit most consumers and their needs. When you choose an in-office whitening procedure, you are guaranteed that your treatment is designed specifically for your teeth. Whitening gel is applied evenly and completely to help your teeth look naturally brighter.

Choose Your Shade

Every user gets different results from over the counter products and there’s no guarantee how white your teeth will be after treatment. Professional teeth whitening treatments come in several strengths which means Dr. Assing can customize the color and shade of your teeth. You can choose to go just a shade whiter or to completely transform your smile when you opt for a professional cleaning.

Call Us Today

For National Smile Week, and every other week of the year, we believe that you deserve the confidence that comes with having a breath-taking smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Assing for a professional teeth whitening procedure!



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