March 5, 2018

Dentist - Oklahoma City, OK - Dr. Van HornNational Dentist’s Day, celebrated annually on March 6th, is a great day to thank your dentist in Oklahoma City, OK for keeping your teeth healthy and your smile clean. Scheduling a biannual dental appointment is another way to thank your dentist because these regular check-ups create less work in the long run. Here is a look at the benefits of regular cleanings and check-ups.

Spot Troubles Early

This benefit is especially noticeable in children. As a child grows in fits and bursts, their mouth also grows and their teeth may shift. Whether your child is on their first or second set of teeth, these regular visits are important for spotting areas that may need work in the future. The same goes for adults, especially if you consume acidic drinks that slowly chip away at your enamel.

Be Generally More Healthy

Medical studies have found a link between oral and overall health. Patients who get regular dental cleanings usually had less risk for heart disease and stroke. These patients also had fewer instances of diabetes. Your dentist in Oklahoma City, OK can also spot the symptoms of certain life-threatening diseases by tracking changes in your mouth.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Regular check-ups keep your teeth cleaner so they’re less likely to decay and fall out. If you do develop cavities or other issues, a regular check-up can help your dentist determine whether a crown or other filling is the best course of action.

Fresh Breath and a Bright Smile

When you schedule biannually cleanings, you can remove the buildup of stains and odor-causing plaque. You should also be brushing regularly to prevent these two embarrassing conditions.

Scheduling a biannual dental appointment in Oklahoma City, OK is a must for anyone who wants healthy teeth and a dazzling smile. At Dr. Van Horn’s office, we care about the health of your smile and will do everything possible to give you lasting results. Call our office at (405) 757-2122 or schedule an appointment online today to wish Dr. Van Horn a Happy Dentist’s Day.



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