October 24, 2016

Living life with missing teeth is uncomfortable, so when you need teeth restoration services, you want the job to be completed quickly. In traditional dentistry the process of getting a bridge or crown placed takes a few weeks. Your dentist must make a physical mold of your teeth and send the mold to a lab. The lab then completes the construction of the artificial teeth before returning them to the dentist for the final fitting.

At White and Haines Advanced Dentistry, we like to take a more streamlined approach to bridge and crown fabrication. Dr. Steven White and Dr. Brad Haines use digital technology to make dental molds, giving our patients access to the best impression technology available today.

Why Digital?

Digital impressions are superior to traditional impressions in virtually every respect. Here are just a few of the advantages of digital impressions:

• Making the impressions is faster and more comfortable for the patient.
• Impressions can easily be reviewed for errors and quickly retaken if necessary.
• Impressions are instantly sent to the lab, enabling the lab to address them sooner.
• Accurate communication between the lab and dental office is more feasible because both parties have copies of the impressions.
• The patient can be fitted with his or her new bridge or crown more quickly.

Relax While We Work

Drs. Haines and White are well aware that visiting the dentist is one of the most common phobias in the world. That is why we are determined to make your visits with us enjoyable. We prioritize the use of digital impressions and other cutting-edge technologies because they enhance your treatment experience. We also offer amenities such as the option to listen to music or binge on your latest Netflix favorite.

Contact Us

White and Haines Advanced Dentistry values patient satisfaction above all else. If you would like to experience the simplicity and comfort of our treatment atmosphere, call our office in Cornelius, NC today to make an appointment.



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