June 12, 2017

In case you hadn’t heard, June 12th is National Children’s Day. In the spirit of doing what’s best for our future generation, we want to remind parents that the summer is the perfect time to start your child’s Invisalign® treatments. What could be a better gift for our children then an entire generation of beautiful, healthy smiles? Dr. Henninger and the rest of our team have been providing Invisalign in Carlsbad, CA, giving hundreds of patients, young and old, an alternative to traditional braces.

For Kids, Appearance Is Important

When it comes to teens and adolescents, physical appearance plays a big role in their social lives. Some kids are devastated by the thought of having to wear metal braces. Fortunately, Invisalign offers a wire-free alternative that is nearly invisible.

Upon the initial visit, your kid’s dentist will take x-rays, photos and impressions to create a 3D model of his or her mouth. The mold is then used to make the clear plastic trays, which slowly adjust the teeth into position. A new tray will be made every few weeks, bringing your kid’s smile ever closer to perfection.

Invisalign Makes Dental Hygiene Easy

Getting your kids to brush and floss their teeth regularly is already a challenge. Metal braces make matters worse when even diligent brushing habits can still result in tooth decay and gum diseases. With Invisalign, patients simply pop the trays out of their mouths when brushing, allowing a thorough cleaning. This reduces plaque buildup and the risk of discoloration, cavities and other problems commonly associated with braces.

Straight teeth do more than make great smiles. They also ensure a healthy, clean mouth. If your child’s teeth aren’t developing as straight as they could be, then he or she is the perfect candidate for nontraditional braces.

Don’t let another summer go by without considering Invisalign for your child. Speak with your dentist today about fitting your child with Invisalign in Carlsbad, CA.



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